Hello, It is almost the start of the holidays and for many of us life will get busy over the next two months as we try to end the year and celebrate. 

We have been extra busy with lots of new listings including a 3 restaurant chain, a Hookah bar, and more. Buyers are coming out to end the year strong as well. 

As I speak with lots of people, here are some things I think are worth sharing that I recently learned: 

1. I met with the team at Rethreaded to learn about their corporate gifts. If you are looking for client gifts, why not give a gift that gives back and is unique. All their items have been made by women rescued from the sex trade or human trafficking or other horrible situations. Buying your corporate gifts from Rethreaded supports rescued woman from around the world - and they have some awesome items -- much more than just scarves. 

2. Today, I heard of a business owner that was heavily fined and had over $300k in attorney bills for a Department of Labor fine for pooling tips (it was a restaurant) and then splitting the tips with non waitstaff. The owners were shocked. If you have a client pooling tips, have them review carefully who is getting tips to help them avoid this pothole.   

I was recently interviewed by the Business Journal about why now is the best time to sell a business. Recently, Bloomberg did an article on when the next recession is coming. They showed 4 economic indicators that predicted between 2017 and 2019. I am following the small business buy - sell cycles and our prediction is 2019. Regardless of when it actually occurs, now is a good time to be putting together a recession plan (here's my tips on how to do that)

4. DCSI, an HR consulting firm, has a unique HR tool kit for each state that can helps business owners needing to working multiple states to know the HR rules in each state. It includes policies and procedures, compliance checklists, payroll forms and much more all available for a business to quickly edit and make their own. DCSI also includes consulting with the tool kit to make it super easy for business owners to have the HR tools they need. 

5. Julie Palmer is my accupuncturist and she gave me a list of ideal foods to eat this fall to help you feel your best. I have attached the list for you. 

6. Fall is my favorite holiday and this year, realtor Wendy Griffis, hosted her annual Client appreciation event at a pumpkin patch and took this picture of me and my daughter and our Pumpkin. This is our tradition, What is your fall tradition? 

Thanks for reading. If you have something worth sharing, please send it to me, I'd love to share it. 

I'm never too busy for your referrals, 

Kimberly Deas, BCI

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